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Employment Opportunity.

Drivers Needed......

Support For The Love of Paws RI by driving a company vehicle or your own vehicle to deliver pets, drop off and pick up items for company events, etc. Looking for an energetic applicant that possesses a strong work ethic, great people skills and animal skills, and the desire to excel in their job. This job is physically demanding. The applicant must be organized and possess good communication and interpersonal skills.
Class E Driver's License is required.
Must be bonded & insured
Employment is dependent upon completion and positive review of a background check.
Pay Rate based on location and distance

Available to work weekends and around holidays.
•Able to drive in all weather conditions
•Transport pets while ensuring pet safety
•Walk pets every 2 - 3 hours during transport
•Ensure food and belongings are taken with pets
•Inform manager when a delivery or pick up will not be on time
•Drop off-pick up items at different locations
•Picking up and dropping off animals at out-of-town locations
•Pick-ups and drop offs at airports
•Maintain a professional manner
•Keep vehicle clean
•Ensure oil changes are completed every 3,000 miles and check tires
•Report any vehicle problem to the Site Services Lead
•Perform other related duties as assigned

•Must have a high school diploma or GED
•Possess a Class E driver's license and a clean driving record
•Ability to lift or push a minimum of 40 pounds
•Able to use a Smart Phone
•High attention to detail
•Ability to weigh situations and make good decisions
•Ability to calculate figures and amounts
•Excellent communication skills
Good grammar, voice and diction
•Excellent customer service skills (friendly, courteous and helpful)

Working Conditions:
Primarily driving a company vehicle, own vehicle may be used. Employees must have the ability to work in and around animal hair and dander. Contact with live animals on a daily basis


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Must be 18 years or older
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